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Math Video Assignment

During the National Holiday, you will have the opportunity to showcase your mathematical skills and create an engaging and creative math explanation video. In this assignment, you will take on the role of a "Math Explainer" and explain mathematical concepts beyond the classroom to your classmates. Choose any one of the following topics to create your original content!

For Chinese Version 中文版:  

Math topics

  1. Trigonometric Functions and Music: Explore how trigonometric functions are related to the concepts of pitch and harmony in music theory, or how they explain the harmony of music and the frequencies of sound.

  2. Fourier Transform: Introduce the Fourier transform, such as explaining how it converts time-series data into frequency-domain data or its applications in signal processing and spectrum analysis.

  3. Trigonometric Functions in Finance: Explore the applications of trigonometric functions in finance, such as volatility analysis and option pricing problems, or how trigonometric functions and stochastic processes are used to model and analyze financial phenomena.

  4. Calculus Concepts: Choose one from the following topics—why the derivative of e^x is e^x, why the derivative of sin x is cos x, Integration by parts, or Integration by substitution—and create a teaching video to explain these topics.

  5. History of Calculus: Introduce the history of calculus, including controversies among its inventors and how calculus gradually became an essential part of modern mathematics.

  6. Computing Pi (π): Explain how calculus methods are used to calculate the value of pi (π).

  7. Normal Distribution: Introduce the cumulative probability density function of the normal distribution and its importance in statistics and probability theory.

Video Requirements

  • Video Length: 5-8 minutes.

  • Explain the selected topics in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, assuming your audience has not studied mathematics beyond A2 level.

  • Your voice should be audible in the video.

  • Provide a brief introduction to the topic at the beginning of the video.

  • Language: Chinese or English.


  • Group Assignment: The group can consist of 1-4 members.

  • Topic Selection Rules: To ensure diversity of topics, each topic can be chosen by a maximum of three groups of students.

  • Grading Method: The score for this video assignment will count as a weekly test grade for the semester. Students will rate each other based on the grading criteria, and specific details will be provided after the National Day holiday. Generally, larger groups are expected to meet higher video quality standards, and grading will be stricter.

  • Assignment Submission: After uploading the video to Baidu Cloud or Google Drive, submit the link by 8:20 AM on October 9th. To encourage early planning and completion of the assignment, for each day of early submission, there will be a bonus of 1 point added to the final score.

Grading criteria

Mathematical Content (40 points)

Accuracy (20 points): Is the mathematical content and information provided in the video accurate?

Depth (10 points): Does the video delve deeply into the selected mathematical topic, including depth on relevant concepts and applications? Does it reflect original thinking?

Clarity (10 points): Are the mathematical explanations in the video clear and understandable, with sufficient examples and explanations to help the audience understand?


Visual and Audio Effects (30 points)

Visual Effects (15 points): Does the video use clear visuals such as graphics, charts, examples, animations, etc., to explain mathematical concepts? Is it visually appealing?

Audio Effects (15 points): Is the audio quality of the video clear? Is the explanation smooth and easy to listen to?


Originality and Engagement (30 points)

Originality (20 points): Is the video an original work by the students, adhering to academic integrity principles?

Interest and Engagement (10 points): Does the video content engage the audience's interest? Is it captivating?

Extra Credit:

Creativity (10 points): Does the video use innovative methods to explain mathematical topics? Is there a creative presentation style?

Student Work

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