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My name is Yuqing Li 

Hi! I am a high school Math teacher. I am a fan of Statistics history and a badminton player with quite a few years of training. Thanks for stopping by and don't hesitate if you have any questions!

Phone (wechat): +86 151-7999-1830 

About Me.

I am currently working at Vanke Meisha Academy, Ocean Explorer Program. This year, I teach AL Math and IPQ (Independent Project Qualifications) courses for G11 and G12 students. I am really excited to work with the these ocean sailors. Alongside my teaching duties, I am also participating in a teacher certification program offered by Moreland University. This has been a challenging yet fulfilling experience, as I am able to share my newly acquired knowledge with my students and help them succeed. 

我目前在万科梅沙书院的梅沙远航班工作。今年,我开设的课程有A2数学和IPQ课程。我非常开心可以和这群11、12年级的小水手们一同开展我的教学工作。工作之余,我还参与了莫兰大学开设的Teach Now教师培训项目。参加教师培训让我很忙碌也很充实,但我很高兴我能够运用新习得的教学技能来帮助我的学生取得成功!


Education Experience


Teacher certification program

Moreland University


MA. Social Sciences
University of Chicago


BSc. Statistics

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

 My portfolio

 Some of the artifacts I made during teach-now program

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