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My name is Yuqing Li 

Hi! I am a secondary Math teacher. I am a fan of Statistics history and a badminton player with quite a few years of training. Thanks for stopping by and don't hesitate if you have any questions!

Phone (wechat): +86 151-7999-1830 

About Me.

I am currently working at Meisha Bilingual School, Ocean Explorer Times Program. Alongside my teaching duties, I am also participating in a teacher certification program offered by Moreland University. This has been a challenging yet fulfilling experience, as I am able to share my newly acquired knowledge with my students and help them succeed. In my classes, my aim is to convey the importance of mathematics education and its real-life applications. By connecting textbook concepts to practical scenarios, I hope to demonstrate how mathematics and statistics can facilitate decision-making and provide a solid foundation for future academic pursuits.





Teacher certification program

Moreland University

During the Teach-Now program at Moreland University, I gained knowledge and practical skills in a range of areas that are highly applicable to my work as a teacher. I am encouraged to regularly reflect on my teaching practices and to identify areas for improvement. This process of reflection has helped me to become more self-aware as a teacher and to make more intentional decisions in the classroom.


MA. Social Sciences
University of Chicago

The MAPSS program at the University of Chicago has been an enriching and challenging educational experience. Throughout the program, I gained a deep understanding of the theoretical and methodological foundations of various social science disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, and history. I applied quantitative and qualitative methods in my research and some of them were published in academic journals. For more interests, please click here.


BSc. Statistics

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Studying Statistics as a major at CUHK(SZ) has been an incredibly valuable experience that has helped me to become a more effective math teacher. During the four years, I laid a solid foundation in statistical theory and methodology, which has enabled me to approach math education in a more quantitative and data-driven way. The college's emphasis on communication skills has also helped me to develop the ability to explain complex statistical concepts in a way that is accessible to students.

 My portfolio

 Some of the artifacts I made during teach-now program

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